Did you know that combining traditional medicine with natural skin therapies can provide both quick relief and longer-lasting results for patients suffering with acne, eczema and psoriasis?

Better Together

Traditional medicine quickly suppresses your symptoms, but is dependent on drugs to keep your skin clear and looking good. Natural therapies like homeopathy, are more gradual but work to correct the underlying cause of your skin problems.

For quick relief and longer lasting results, they are better together!

Why Homeopathy?

  • Uses natural substances to stimulate your natural defense mechanisms, so your body heals itself.
  • Improves skin naturally and delivers long-term benefits
  • No toxic drugs, just small amounts of natural plant, animal and mineral substances
  • Regulated by the FDA and can be used with traditional medicines without the risk of drug interactions
  • Cheaper and more convenient than traditional medicine in the long run
  • Performed by licensed physician who specializes in dermatology

Profound Recovery

Dr. Baker’s conscientious combination of homeopathic remedies has proven to be a safe, effective and enduring treatment for my skin disorder. I responded to the treatments immediately and can attest to a profound recovery.