Combining traditional dermatology and cosmetic services with natural skin therapies to provide patients with quick relief from skin problems and more complete, longer-lasting results.

Why Choose the Center for Integrative Dermatology

  • Experience and Knowledge
    To diagnose the problem and develop the best treatment plan to make you look and feel better.
  • Compassionate Care
    We’ll take the time to understand your concerns, explain your treatment options, and create a plan to meet your unique needs.
  • Wide range of treatment options available
    From traditional dermatology and cosmetic services to natural skin therapies for skin that looks and feels better.
  • Expertise in treating patients of all ages and skin types
    From infants to seniors, we’ve earned the trust of patients, parents and referring physicians.
  • Treatments by Board Certified Dermatologist
    While many practices today use physician assistants, all medical treatments and surgical procedures at our center are performed personally by Dr. Donald Baker.
  • Organized Professionals
    We’ll work with you and your insurance company so little details don’t become big headaches for you later.

Professional, Competent and Caring!

Dr. Baker is thorough, professional and caring. He found several "problem areas" and discussed treatment options with me. He took time with me and I did not feel like I was just one in an assembly line. His assistant was knowledgeable and helpful and the office staff was friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a high degree of professionalism and competency.

Mary Anne


Dr. Donald Baker - NJ Top Doc 2019
Dr. Donald Baker | NJ Top Doc 2019 | Dermatology